First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


So we are four friends that are going on a road trip from Toronto, going to Nashville, New Orleans , Austin, Texas and Memphis.A long the way each of us will post pictures and comments. This will be a joint endeavour, each one of us will be posting.


Random thoughts from Nigel

Wow! What an exhausting ten days. We drove just under 6000 Km in that time. Putting that into perspective, we had 2 full days in New Orleans with little or no driving and virtually 3 days in Austin doing the same. That makes 6000 km in 5 driving days. Luckily being collectively old, we had very frequent bathrooms breaks, interspersed with meal breaks and gas breaks. My car performed admirably, with only the gas filler tank opening, refusing to operate from the start, that required my penknife and brute force each time gas was required. After about a week, I stopped swearing at it.

Our one night stopovers in Nashville and Memphis were planned as ‘tasters’ and were both frustratingly too short.  I definitely plan to go back to both these cities a) with my family; b) by air and c) for a longer time. I was more impressed by Memphis than Nashville  at first sight.

Our first day was a bit surreal time-wise, as the clocks went back that morning and we crossed over into Central time during the day as well.

Here are a few photos of Nashville.

(the photo of me on the sweary chair was at a Waffle House in Mississippi.)

From the viewpoint of a confectioner, it was amazing to see the number of candy stores we came across, and come to think of it, the lack of mobile phone shops!

New Orleans was a definitive hit with me. We arrived about 7.30 in the evening after another long drive, having left Nashville at 8 am. Our Air BnB house was as good as we could have imagined and it was in the perfect location.  The only crap experience for me was trying to find something to eat at 10pm on election night! We ended up in a not so great bar, with The Family Guy on TV instead of the on-going presidential election coverage. Even at that point, the pundits were still saying that Hillary would win.

Here are some random photos of New Orleans.

I’m glad we didn’t witness the madness of Bourbon Street at night. It was great to take in the sights during the day.  I loved the NO Pharmacy Museum and concur with the guy that I met on my way in, who told me that it was about the best $5 that he had ever spent.

More photos to follow.

I will just mention the fantastic Riverboat trip that took place on Wednesday night.  It was so cool to “be with the band” and a huge thank you to Kevin, Meagen and Jo-Anne for organizing it.

Just a few photos showing off the awesome but rarely used settings on my little Sony camera.


and lastly, the cartoon band.


Getting too nostalgic to post any more. More random thoughts and pictures to come.

Not all those who wander are lost.

wanderingSome of you will recognise this as a title from The Lord of the Rings. I am home now and glad to be here with familiar people and things. However I have already started to think about my next “wander”.

I want to thank my travelling companions. We shared some amazing moments. Moments of hilarity (mostly at ourselves); very sad moments (at the Lorraine Motel and over the election) and for me life changing moments (The Gulf of Mexico and reconecting with my sister). All three of you will always be part of those memories for me.

Safe travels to all.